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100 acres
15 buildings
1.3m of existing buildings
20 companies on site
3600 employees on site
45k of amenity buildings
3500 Granta Bus passengers a week
20 average annual
community events
2 restaurants

Inspiration in the heart of innovation.

Granta Park is an inspirational estate which perfectly captures the essence of Cambridge and the life science community.

Established for over 20 years, Granta Park offers 120 acres of truly inspirational surroundings, creating a perfect environment for a work-life balance and has a scientific population of over 3,700 people working on the future technologies of the world.

The elite of the world working together.

Granta Park is an important business estate in one of the most recognised areas for science success globally and is home to leading companies, including Sosei Heptares AstraZeneca, Illumina, Pfizer, and PPD.

Hard working people with specialist skills deserve to work in a high-quality and inspirational environment and Granta Park is dedicated to provide a truly professional location for business.

Embracing a work-life balance.

Granta Park provides an inspirational and positive environment that will allow you to assemble an incredible team.

Beautifully landscaped grounds, a 45,000 sq ft purpose-built amenities centre, Montessori Nursery, two commuter bus services and a dedicated conference centre all ensure a healthy working environment.

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A city with science at its heart.

The culture of science is woven so intensely into the fabric of Cambridge, it is no surprise that the City hosts the largest life science cluster in Europe; which is the reason so many of the world’s leading businesses have established research hubs here.

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A leader in providing Real Estate solutions to the Life Science and Technology community.

Founded in 2004, and a Blackstone portfolio company since 2016, BioMed Realty owns, operates and develops high-quality life science real estate comprising 13.6 million square feet, including 2.4 million square feet of Class A properties in active development to meet the growing demand of the life science industry.

BioMed Realty’s portfolio is located in the leading innovation markets throughout the United States and United Kingdom, led by Boston-Cambridge, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, New York and Cambridge, U.K. With over 200 tenant partners, BioMed Realty provides real estate solutions for global enterprises, established biotechnology and innovation companies, leading universities and premier research institutions.

To learn more about BioMed Realty, visit biomedrealty.com, and please follow us on Twitter @biomedrealty.

Center for Novel Therapeutics, San Diego

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Property Manager 01223 895030

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Operations Manager 01223 895033

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Director of Leasing UK 01223 895036

A dedicated team creating something special.

The professional on-site team is available on a daily basis. We work closely with the current occupiers and continually seek ways to improve life at Granta Park®

We provide a depth of experience in managing the Park and its development with a concern for health and safety, the natural environment, our neighbours, and investors.

In the spirit of Cambridge, we work hard to help companies network and collaborate through organised events as well as coordinating sports and social programmes allowing those that work at the Park to meet in a relaxed format.



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