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There are many options for travelling to Granta Park®. For further information please see below.

Granta Park® is ideally positioned within the Cambridge Science Cluster and benefits from excellent access by road and rail due to its South Cambridge location.

Granta Park is served well by the public transport system with frequent bus and train service from the city centre and surrounding areas. The Park also has a commuter bus service which picks up from both Cambridge Train Station and Whittlesford Parkway Station and a free car sharing scheme.

Granta Park is situated at the crossroads of all the region’s main trunk roads including the A11 (linking with the A14 and M11) and the A505.

North – Ely 38 minutes
South – Bishops Stortford 30 minutes
East – Bury 37 minutes
West – Huntingdon 40 minutes

Parking is free at Granta Park

Commuter Bus

Granta Park® provides two commuter bus services, one from Cambridge Train Station with stops at Hills Road and Addenbrookes’ Hospital, and one from Whittlesford Parkway Station. Please click on the links to see the full timetables.

Tickets cost £1.50 each (single journey) and can be purchased in bulk or individually. To ride on this service you must produce one Granta Park commuter bus ticket directly to the driver. The driver is only able to sell a ticket for a genuine first journey to the Park, e.g. for the first day at a new job. The driver can only accept the correct money (£1.50) – no change can be given. A ticket for your return journey and all future journeys MUST be purchased from Granta Park. 

IMPORTANT CHANGE TO CAMBRIDGE STATION BUS STOP LOCATION - Due to circumstances outside of our control we will now be collecting / dropping off passengers at an alternative bus stop outside Cambridge Train Station.  The new bus stop is straight ahead of the main entrance to the train station along Station Road (on the right hand side).  Please click the link to our plan for the exact location.  This change comes into effect from the 1 June.

From 1 June all bus users will be required to use a face covering - either a traditional face mask or other covering that MUST cover both the nose and mouth as a minimum. Anyone not using a face covering will be denied access to any of our buses from the 1 June.

Commuter Bus Stop Plan 2020

New Station Road Bus Stop from 1 June 2020

Cambridge Commuter Bus Timetable from 1 Sept 2020

Whittlesford Commuter Bus Timetable from 1 Sept 2020

Green travel champion

Since 2012, Granta Park® has operated a site-wide Travel Management Plan which sets objectives and targets to reduce single occupancy car journeys to the Park.

For a copy of our Travel Plan- 2017 – 2022, please click here. As you will see in the plan, we are currently recruiting a Green Travel Champion within each of the companies based on the Park.

To find out who the Green Travel Champion within your company is or to ask a travel related question please email luke.wordsworth@bidwells.co.uk

Car share

Free to join, the Granta Park® car share scheme is a great way to set up a lift share with other staff members commuting to Granta Park. Granta Park has its own dedicated car share website which offers members a quick, easy and secure way to make contact with each other.


Benefits of car sharing include saving money, reducing local congestion and getting to know your colleagues. Remember you don’t need to own a car to car share, you can just search for a lift too.

We are slowly introducing ‘car share only’ parking bays across the Park; to use these you will need a permit.

Please see here for a step-by-step guide on how to register for the scheme or request a parking permit. The ‘car share only’ bays are currently available within the Parking Groves and Riverside Buildings car park.

In March 2020 we launched Smart Parking at Granta Park, this allows those who car share to authenticate their journeys via a simple app on their phones. This new authentication process now gives us an accurate representation of when the dedicated car share bays are in use, ultimately allowing us to make sure there are always enough bays to go around.

Foot & Cycle paths

The N11 cycle route connects Cambridge to Sawston and there is a dedicated off-road cycle path linking Sawston and Babraham. There is a permissive cycle path through Babraham Farm which provides a link between Babraham and the Granta Park® main entrance. This route includes a footbridge with cycle wheel ramps across the A11. Additionally a link to the cycle route along the A1307 was opened in February 2017. This link provides a traffic free cycle route through The  Babraham Institute which connects to the existing cycle network

These cycle routes provide a cycle link between Cambridge and Granta Park as well as the villages to the south of Cambridge including Trumpington, Great Shelford, Stapleford, Sawston and Babraham. A Cambridge to Saffron Walden cycle map can be viewed here

In addition to these routes, there is a 2m wide asphalt surfaced shared footway / cycleway along the northern side of the A505 between Granta Park and Whittlesford Parkway railway station approximately 4km to the southwest of the site.

A narrow 1m to 1.5m wide footway / cycleway is also provided along the northern side of the A1307 between Hildersham and Linton, to the southeast of Granta Park. This provides a cycle link from Linton, with agreement with Cambridgeshire County Council to potentially extend the route to Granta Park in the future.

If you are not keen on cycling alone, why not find a a cycling partner? There is a cycle journey section available through the car share website it is free to join and will match individuals cycling the same route so they can cycle together.

Granta Park staff are also entitled to make use of Travel for Cambridgeshire discounts (further details are available on the TfC website). To use these discounts you will simply need to show some form of company I.D and state that you work on Granta Park.